The World Minifootball Federation (“WMF”), is the highest authority of minifootball in the world. Fifa does not recognize minifootball
WMF created 3 different categories of minifootball: 5 a side, 6 a side and 7 a side.
The WMF has a special dynamic because of the huge number of players who play every day, every week and every month because they are just in love with this sport.
Minifootball leagues and other competitions and events are organizing by the WMF or by its continental, national or local affiliates.
The best teams from local leagues will advance to national championship. The best players are chosen for national team which participate in continental or World minifootball Championship.
There are currently more than 35 000 official WMF facilities and more than 1,7 mil amateur  unofficial minifootball players and fields hosting the regional competitions and national tournaments which are organized by WMF members.
The WMF has branched out to all 5 federations and locking in the world for the mini football revolution.