We have just been appointed the Oceania Minifootball Federation by the World Minifootball Federation that is combining all the federations / confederations around the globe for minifootball. As minifootball is not governed or recognised by FIFA the WMF has taken this on board and has driven minifootball throughout the globe and now Oceania. Minifootball is considered 5,6 and 7 aside football played on purpose built facilities or parks and some of the events I have seen and across the globe are terrific and well organised as I have of your competitions.

There is a minifootball world cup next year in Dallas which is exciting for Oceania and as the federation and for minifootball. We have the opportunity to gain members who can run their own knockout OMF sanctioned competitions for their team to eventually if they qualifiy through and OMF knock out competition may represent Australia or one or two of the other members countries in this world cup. The team who wins the nationals will play for their country with an all expense paid trip to Dallas.

We have just had our website complete www.oceaniaminifootball.com and if you want to check out www.worldminifootball.com

I have attached a presentation introducing OMF to you.

Please call to discuss.


OMF Introduction Presentation ( Link )

Kindest Regards
Miguel Maron
Oceania Minifootball Federation
+61405 037 857

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