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      Last weekend minifootball in Armenia made a huge step with spectator filled matches in the national championship finals. 13 teams participated in this year’s tournament, organized by Armenian Minifootball Federation. Matches tool place in the RAU stadium artificial pitch in front of hundreds of spectators. “Gran Candy” team won the [...]
      Tue, Apr 18, 2017
      When all journalists, guests and EMF representatives took their chairs, strange silence was in the air. In the next upcoming moments all speculations and thoughts will be pointless as all 24 teams will know their place, their group, their opponents. After nice presentation of hosting city – Brno and welcoming words [...]
      Thu, Mar 30, 2017
      Group stage
      The EMF Champions League starts its existence this year, in 2016. From the 23rd to the 25th of September 68 teams from 23 european countries will play for the title of best Minifootball Club in Europe! We are speaking about a new large scale event that fills a huge gap in [...]
      Wed, Sep 21, 2016
      World minifootball federation has used the opportunity to call up all executive committee to Hungary for general assembly. During EMF EURO 2016 in city of Szekesfehervár, one of the main topic was set up vote to decide who is going to be hosting next WMF World Cup 2017. And it [...]
      Wed, Aug 31, 2016
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      OCEANIA MINIFOOTBALL LOOKING FOR MEMBERS - We have just been appointed the Oceania Minifootball Federation by the World Minifootball Federation that is combining all the federations / confederations around the globe for minifootball. As minifootball is not governed or recognised by FIFA the WMF has taken this on board and has driven minifootball throughout the globe and now Oceania. Minifootball is […]
      OMF SIGNS DEAL WITH GLOBAL BRAND MACRON - OMF is please to announce a partnership with Macron who will supply our first team to represent Oceania at the World Minifootball World Cup in 2015. Miguel Maron who is President of OMF ” This is an exciting and integral partnership for us at OMF as it shows the world we are serious about moving […]
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