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    • Romania participated in this year’s edition of EMF Champions League with nine teams. The teams representing the most decorated nation in the history of European minifootball managed good results, almost equalling those of last year. In Maribor, Romanian teams finished second, third and fourth, now in Terme Catez, they managed [...]
      Thu, Oct 05, 2017
      Only a month after the EMF Champions League has finished in Terme Čatež, the best of Europe is preparing for the start of the WMF World Cup on the 6th of October. Out of the nine nations being part of the WMF World Cup – Romania, Czech Republic, Russia, Bosnia [...]
      Fri, Sep 29, 2017
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      OCEANIA MINIFOOTBALL LOOKING FOR MEMBERS - We have just been appointed the Oceania Minifootball Federation by the World Minifootball Federation that is combining all the federations / confederations around the globe for minifootball. As minifootball is not governed or recognised by FIFA the WMF has taken this on board and has driven minifootball throughout the globe and now Oceania. Minifootball is […]
      OMF SIGNS DEAL WITH GLOBAL BRAND MACRON - OMF is please to announce a partnership with Macron who will supply our first team to represent Oceania at the World Minifootball World Cup in 2015. Miguel Maron who is President of OMF ” This is an exciting and integral partnership for us at OMF as it shows the world we are serious about moving […]
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      1 Area 5 United FC1568088597
      2 FC Future421512424
      3 pro-soccer11111119
      4 Evolution11111108
      5 U K Fives11246214
      6 Mealie Puddings121133110
      7 Astro 01101110